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How we work at NCS

New Counseling Service was established in 2002, after Community Services Bangkok had to close its doors. NCS is providing counseling to people of all walks of life, to Thais as well as foreigners.      
     NCS has a team of international counseling professionals who can help you look at your issues. Counselors at NCS speak Thai, as well as English, German, Dutch, Cantonese and Mandarin. Feel free to call the office for an initial intake or appointment, at 66-(0)2-279-8503. You can also send us an e-mail by using this CONTACT button.      
โทร.Telephone 02-279-8503         
We provide counseling or psycho therapy in the areas of personal problems, family and marriage, work/life balance and cross cultural adjustment. We specialize in co-counseling for couples who want to work on their relationship. Co-counseling will always have 2 counselors in the room, one representing the male and the other the female gender.
     We also help people with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addictions, Asperger syndrome, mood disorders and stress related issues. We work with children as well as with adolescents and adults.      
     NCS has chosen an eclectic approach, meaning that depending on the situation we use various psycho-dynamic tools for doing talk therapy. We do referrals as well; to established doctors and psychiatrists or other professionals.   

NCS is an initiative of the LEAF Foundation.