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Who we are

New Counseling Service provides counseling to the community through a professional team of international counselors trained in a variety of disciplines using several languages, including Thai (มีเคาน์เซอเลอร์ใช้ภาษาไทยด้วย). All therapists are committed to providing the best services for you:

• Competent, caring counseling
• Carefully designed treatment programs
• Intake assessments


NCS Counselors provide the best possible treatment for each individual situation. Consultation is provided for a set fee, and, at times, a reduced fee based on the client's income. An amount of 70% of the counseling fees is donated to the less privileged in the region. The LEAF Foundation has various projects to build balance in people's lives. LEAF helps people with micro-financing, coaching and education.
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It is our desire to help all people in need of help to receive it. Inquiries and referrals are welcome, whether from individuals, concerned family members and friends, counselors, or physicians and other professionals. Workshops and seminars are held on upon request.  

NCS is a member of the association for counselors (ACC) in the United Kingdom.

NCS 是一支國際團隊,在泰國已有多年歷史。除了本土泰人輔導員外,其餘輔導員均
來自香港及歐美各地 。NCS 的輔導員都曾在不同城市從事輔導工作,也在泰國生活良
情緒健康、家庭教養、夫婦關係等課題上,提供適切的指導,歡迎致電到 NCS 查詳情。